The mission of our affiliate network...

  • 1. Affiliate Marketing is the single most effective marketing strategy out there! So let´s lower entry barriers for joining a affiliate network and make our it affordable for every size of business!

  • 2. Let´s cut all unnecessary fees and create a much more profitable environment for both affiliates and merchants! There are no monthly costs in our affiliate network and we don't charge merchants any network commsissions! Affiliates sign up for free and merchants pay a small one time set-up fee of only 147€. That´s it! Period!

  • 3. Let´s connect merchants and affiliates directly! We provide the network infrastructure and a rock solid online and offline affiliate tracking software. Commissions and payment terms remain subject to direct communication between merchant and affiliate. Affiliates get payed directly by the merchant!

  • 4. We strongly believe in the self regulating process of a community that is based on a win-win situation. Why bite the hand which is feeding you?! We provide merchants with fraud protection tools, so they can decline or cancel suspicous sales. We provide affiliates with a closed community and a rating system where they can discuss affiliate programs and rate merchants' reliability. Affiliate and merchants can also report fraudulent members to the network administrators. Simple and effective!

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Affiliate Tracking Software

  • Why Become an OffAff Affiliate?

    Why become
					a OffAff Affiliate?


    We welcome everybody in our affiliate network - not only "Super Affiliates" with huge traffic sources.

    The absence of a merchant commission means up to 30% higher affiliate commissions for you!

    Low entry barriers for merchants result in much more variety and more lucrative campaigns to choose from!

    We provide not only a rock solid online affiliate tracking software but also offline tracking via bar code coupons. Finally you can utilize the power of untapped offline traffic sources!

  • Why Become an OffAff Merchant?

    Why become
					a OffAff Merchant


    Affiliate marketing is THE single most effective strategy to get new clients and make more sales! You'll be surprised at how much more you get back when sharing revenue!

    Gain exposure for your products without incurring costs! Rather than a sales power of one or two you can have a sales force of hundreds or more promoting your business. Costs are only incurred when a successful sale is made.

    We don't charge $2,000+ set-up fees, have high monthly costs and take 30% commissions like other affiliate network companies do. You only pay a small one time set-up fee of 147€! That´s it.